"Food for Thought"

"Food for Thought"

Holidays are always a time to gather around the dining table with family and friends to share good food and stories about times gone by.

Now graduate student David Small, working with Sony Career Development Professor John Maeda in the Media Lab's Aesthetics and Computation group, has found a unique way to merge the stories and the stuffing. He is using the lab's commercial laser cutter, whose usual purpose is for etching plastics and other industrial materials, to "custom engrave" food. Now family favorites-whether text or images-can actually appear on the fruit, nuts, and vegetables being served.

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2 Responses:

  1. ex_meta says:

    This will, of course, be used for advertising.

    • bdu says:

      of course. My coworkers and I had been wargaming this idea for awhile (laser food inscriptions), mostly in jest. The chief revenue source, at least in the beginning, would be advertising.