dnalounge update

DNA update, and a few pictures of breakdancers.

4 Responses:

  1. ciphergoth says:

    Surprise! That same shitworm tagged us again.

    If there's any life left in the "not having them arrested" strategy, maybe try taking mugshots of your own before letting them go? You could get them to hold up one of those "mugshot" boards with numbers on, and write "shit-worm" on the front :-)

    • jwz says:

      Next time we catch one, we're prosecuting. I'm so ok with paying someone's salary to spend all day sitting in court, just to make the tagger's life that much more hellish.

  2. bdu says:

    No stills of the winner, though.

    Damn that guy was good. He had it wrapped up even before the rodeo ride, but if there was any doubt before that, there certainly wasn't after.