crazy bathroom products

Rocking Horse Toilet:
"This concept challenges the traditional form of the toilet or "throne" by toying with the nostalgic familiarity of the rocking horse. However, the inclusion of foot pegs provides real health benefits by raising the knees above the waist, which facilitates a thorough expulsion of waste."

Squish Rubber Sink:

"made from a silicone rubber allowing the sides to be flexible. They can be 'rolled' up or down to change the depth of the basin. This sink brings more fun and interactivity into the bathroom. Cleaning is easy as very little sticks to silicone."

(More here, but those are the good ones.)

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5 Responses:

  1. communista says:

    Some of the descriptions are even better. Thorough expulsion of waste gives a whole new meaning to "pissing contest".

  2. I remember ideo designed bathroom tiles which worked like little storage drawers.

  3. naturalborn says:

    Silicone really is indestructible. The one thing which will stain it, strangely enough, is coffee.

    (high-end juggling balls are made out of silicone, that's how I know about that)

    • jwz says:

      If it's so indestructible how come fake boobies explode?

      • naturalborn says:

        Fake boobs explode a lot less often than you'd expect, and generally only do so after getting mashed around and attacked by the host immune system for a couple decades. They also might have occasional manufacturing defects.

        Incidentally, studies have found jack squat zero negative health effects of fake boobs which didn't burst. All the lawsuits succeeded because juries wanted to believe there was something wrong with them.