cliché feminist artistes, unite!

Yes, you've been using them as a punchline for years, and now they have a place to share their avant-garde ideas free of patriarchal oppression:

"I maintain the Livejournal community blood_art where women are welcome to post pictures of their own menstrual blood art and discuss how it changes or effects their menstrual experience."

13 Responses:

  1. think i'm gonna go post about how the existence of their community discriminates against those of us unable to post.

    if they go all anti-man on me, i'll yell "what about M-F transsexuals??"

  2. kalischild says:

    That is so deeply wrong, and that opinion is being stated by someone who appreciates Rothko's color fields. Next: 'Art With Poop'

  3. zapevaj says:

    Uh, wow. I'm open-minded and everything, but menstrual blood is about as artistic as kidney stones.

  4. malokai says:

    wow. that is pretty sick.

  5. yakkette says:

    Boys write their name with piss in the snow. Same thing.

  6. oh.. i've seen these. me and a friend created a fake journal (cuillere) which was basically a gag journal.. we were pretending to be one of those snotty elite arty types that are all over lj (because we hate them). anyway, this spiralingmoon character was on our friends page.. and goddamn, i was eating when i saw it.

    i was once told by a feminist, after having used the phrase 'oh boy', that i shouldn't use it, because it, i dunno... something to do with the patriarchal hierarchy.