My building's fire alarm has been going off for close to four hours now. If you're out in the hallway, it is an incredibly irritating shriek that says GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HALLWAY. If you're inside an apartment, it says, "turn up the stereo to drown out the incredibly irritating buzz." Yay thick walls.

After it had been going off for about an hour, I heard a fire truck pull up, siren going. (The fire house is about 30' away, but they love doing the siren thing.) The alarm went silent for about 20 minutes, then started up again.

Wait, it just stopped. Wait, it just started again.

I hate this weather. It's not so much the "wet" I mind as the "gray". Well, I hate the "cold" too, but it's the "gray" that really bugs me. When I woke this afternoon I thought I had forgotten to open the curtains before going to bed, it was so dark. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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  1. feren says:

    There's nothing quite like conditioning to remove any sense of urgency from what should be something that says "Run for your life."

  2. baconmonkey says:

    your building is obviously burning to the ground.

    \/\/|-|y |)()|\|'7 j00 |-|^x0r 73|-| ^1^r/\/\?

  3. knowbuddy says:

    Fire alarms suck. Four years ago my apartment burned to the ground while I was out of town for the weekend. The fire marshall said that the fire had smoldered/burned for 3 days before someone noticed smoke coming out the window and called in the fire department. The fire alarm never went off.

    Oh, and you don't like the gray? Aren't you breaking out of the wonderfully dark gawth cyberpunk stereotype? Next you'll be listening to pop radio! Whatever shall the fanboys do?

  4. king_mob says:

    The student dump I lived in in 1994 had two smoke detectors. One was in the living room, one was back in the boiler room(basement apartment -- this place was not the Ritz). The one in the boiler room was kind of...hidden. And a week after I moved in, it decided the battery was low. When smoke-detectors' batteries go low, the smoke detector beeps once. Every two minutes.

    I moved in in June. I couldn't find it until September. (An incredibly large rotted-out chunk of something had been placed in front of it.) It beeped every two minutes for three months. This only got really bad when I was abusing interesting chemicals...

  5. spoonfeeding says:

    man, except for the bridges and scaffoding being knocked around, I'm digging the hell out of this weather. It's all humid and stormy and warm and beautiful. Pretend we're in the tropics! Wear tropical shorts and drink mai tais! Be a trendsetter!

    • hepkitten says:

      Apparently we are 4mph below being classified a hurricane. And lucky me, I am driving to Davenport tonite in a MINIVAN

  6. internebbish says:

    Went into the city this evening. The Bay Bridge was totally blacked out. Miraculously the toll plaza was working fine. Our tax dollars at work.

  7. kyronfive says:

    "...and if the fires burn out there's only fire to blame..."

    somehow that quote seems eerily appropriate...