If you're in the Bay Area and you see a billboard for some radio station with a picture of Mick Jagger (or maybe some equivalent dinosaur) on it, pay close attention to the fact that due to their poor choice of a non-dropshadowed font, it appears to be captioned "ASS ROCK".

Speaking of which, I now have the VH1C ("Classics") channel. It's really something. It seems to be entirely videos from the early 1980s, but not the usual stream of "hit 80s" videos -- the other stuff. The stuff that MTV actually played in the 80s, like Foreigner, Scorpions, REO Speedwagon, Billy Squier, Triumph, Tesla, Kiss-without-makeup, LA Guns, Autograph, Britny Fox, and dozens and dozens of hair-metal bands I recognise but can't remember...

It's really amazingly horrible. I can't turn away from this car crash.

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6 Responses:

  1. hepkitten says:

    Everytime you talk about your tv habits my choice to never watch it is strongly reaffirmed.

  2. anthologie says:

    Awww! I want that!

  3. retrodiva1 says:

    I got sucked into that channel just last night. I came home with a head cold and had been watching all the uncensored Duran Duran videos I got a bug to download last weekend. Through flipping channels I found the VH1 Classics channel and amusingly enough they played Rio as the second video I watched.

    At least I was pleased to discover that the quality of the one I have on my puter is no worse than what they were showing on VH1.

  4. techstep says:

    VH-1 Classic is somewhat interesting. Yeah, they're big on hair-rock, certain amounts of prog goodness (I've seen mid-70s Genesis videos on there). Occasionally, though, I'd flip on there and see videos by groups like Husker Du and Camper Van Beethoven. Guess they could get away with playing 80s college rock in the middle of the day.

  5. baconmonkey says:

    I was over at a friends, and that was on.
    it was a big hair metal marathon.
    I felt like I was back in grade skool.
    They even played Spinal Tap.
    the most surreal moment was the Mamma's Boys doing "Mama Mama We're all crazy now", which Quiet Riot later covered which became a big hit for them. I'd never heard the original, but was a big QR fan way back then. I saw them in concert in 4th grade.