APL crosswords

geekiest. thing. ever.

    1. The inverse of +/, i.e. the first difference of V
    6. 1‡²‡'[(A)]'
    9. 1ƒ¼4
    10. Accept numeric input; call it NMV
    11. Negate the vector MB and show its running total, LIFO (last in, first out) basis
    13. Given distinct values in A, return ¼½A without using ½
    14. Where T is found in V
    15. (R§11)½11/V
    16. The elements of V, capped at 99

(For those of you blissfully unaware of what APL is, it was one of the first programming languages that was almost indistinguishable from line noise: far worse than Perl, nearly as bad as Teco. See also Intercal.)

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"right to motherhood"

Human rights body backs woman's plea to live in jail with husband

Human rights workers are supporting an Indian woman's plea to be allowed to live with her prisoner husband in his jail cell.

Kalpana Daniel says she should not be deprived of her "right to motherhood" just because her husband is serving a prison sentence.

The Punjab State Human Rights Commission wants prison authorities to explore the possibility of letting the couple live together in the jail.

The Press Trust of India reports that the husband of the 31-year-old nurse from Ludhiana is currently in prison in the Punjab.

The commission has asked prison authorities in the state "to study the matter from all possible angles keeping in view the existing provisions of the Jail Manual".

A commission spokesman said: "The complainant may legitimately feel that her basic right to motherhood has been temporarily rendered non-exercisable because of no fault of hers."

The man was formerly employed at a hospital in Ludhiana where he met his wife and later married her.


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