that's a lot of fucking spiders, redux

Finally, some pictures of that giant spider web!

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DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are presented.

Surprise! That same shitworm tagged us again. My lack of faith in humanity is confirmed.

And in related news, on friday, Ben caught some guy peeing on the floor, right next to the door leading backstage. He saw him lurking back there and guessed he was doing drugs. So Ben came up behind him and turned him around, only to see that the guy had his dick in his hand. "Ok, first, put that away. Second, you're coming with me." He dragged him out by the scruff of his neck saying something to the effect of, "you're lucky I don't turn you upside down and mop it up with you!"

As he was getting ejected, the guy's friends noticed, and showed up to plead his case and explain how "it's cool," as people often do when their friend is being shown the door. Ben says, "I'm sorry, your friend screwed up, and he has to go now." "Aw, come on, what did he do?" "He peed on the floor." At this point they back up, and go, "Aw, dude!" No more argument. Apparently that crosses the line even for them.

For those of you playing the home game, here are some handy definitions of phrases commonly employed by the clubgoing public:

  • it's cool   - '&ts kül -
    1: "Leave me alone and let me do what I want."
         Ex: "You can't take your drink outside." "Nah, it's cool."

  • it's all good   - '&ts ol ''gud -
    1: "Leave me alone and let me do what I want."
         Ex: "You can't come in without ID." "It's all good!"

Tonight was the Afrika Bambaataa show, and there were some amazing breakdancers (Momodance.) I put up a few pictures that I captured from the webcast. There aren't very many, because these folks were moving really fast as they defied physics. One of the guys did this bit where it looked like he was riding a bucking bull -- but without the bull.