sweet retro-futuristic televisions


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with great power comes great getting down

I'm sure you've seen this one by now:

But this one is new:

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That Darn Hephaestus

Bulldozers work to construct a wall against the scalding river of lava creeping down the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily, Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002, toward the 'Rifugio Sapienza' a refuge for hikers and tourists. By evening, the lava had rolled down to about 250 meters from the complex. Rocked by two earthquakes (news - web sites) five minutes apart Sunday, frightened people raced out of their homes on Mount Etna's slopes, where a thick river of lava was rolling toward a refuge for hikers and tourists. (AP Photo/Fabrizio Villa)

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serial killer action figures

John Wayne Gacy as Pogo:

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modern living

  me:  Oh wow!
her:<<patented what's-wrong-with-you stare>>
me:Your computer is actually making that noise! It's not just the tinnitus!
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