Hail to the Chief


look, I've invented the wheel

Ok, I've hacked Cheesegrater into somewhat reasonable shape, I'm generating RSS feeds for a few different sites now, and I'm feeding them into LJ. (Thanks for the extra points, Brad!)

Astronomy Picture
of the Day
apod I wish this one had the pictures inline, but they name the image files non-predictably, so that would be expensive.
Die Puny Humans diepunyhumans Warren Ellis
This Modern World modrnwrld_comic The comic, from Salon.
This Modern World modrnwrld_blog Tom Tomorrow's blog (I had previously added another feed of this at thismodernw_com that gets parse errors; it probably ought to be deleted.)
The Straight Dope thestraightdope Subjects only, not article bodies.
Examiner Bondage Files bondagefiles Goofy news stories.
Wil Wheaton wilwheaton2 This is a full feed; wilwheaton only has the first half sentence of each entry.
True Porn Clerk Stories pornclrkstories

If you know of other sites that I ought to be reading 5x/day but am not, please let me know. Maybe I'll hack those into Cheesegrater too.

BTW, I notice that a lot of people are subscribed to dictionary_wotd; this can only be because they don't know about wordoftheday, which is the same thing, but with inline definitions.

Update: Added redmeat_rss and webster_wotd and space_com
Update: ...and memepool2