hate my brain

Some time in the last few years, something got mis-patched inside my head. I seem to have completely lost my sense of "hunger." Instead, "hunger" now seems to be cross-connected with "blind rage."

This is terribly inconvenient.

"Oh, I feel like strangling you, perhaps even more than you deserve. I must be hungry, even though I don't feel hungry at all."

It didn't used to work like this. I want my old brain back. This is so unfair.


amazing close-up images of the surface of the sun

The Institute for Solar Physics

Look at how smooth and spherical the sun looks in the first image! bellman.astro.su.se

Hot enough for you? www.solarphysics.kva.se

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enormous collection of (real) propaganda posters

"By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943"

Let the photoshopping begin...


"classic" halloween costumes




If you're in the Bay Area and you see a billboard for some radio station with a picture of Mick Jagger (or maybe some equivalent dinosaur) on it, pay close attention to the fact that due to their poor choice of a non-dropshadowed font, it appears to be captioned "ASS ROCK".

Speaking of which, I now have the VH1C ("Classics") channel. It's really something. It seems to be entirely videos from the early 1980s, but not the usual stream of "hit 80s" videos -- the other stuff. The stuff that MTV actually played in the 80s, like Foreigner, Scorpions, REO Speedwagon, Billy Squier, Triumph, Tesla, Kiss-without-makeup, LA Guns, Autograph, Britny Fox, and dozens and dozens of hair-metal bands I recognise but can't remember...

It's really amazingly horrible. I can't turn away from this car crash.

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