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It's good that, even with the passing of Mondo 2000, the interweb still gives us the opportunity to point and laugh at this kind of nonsense:

Project Paradise

Project Paradise is a telepresence installation which enables two isolated users to remotely interact with each other via a cyborg "Adam" or "Eve" within a remote "paradise". Each participant may control the body of a cyborg to engage in interaction with the other isolated user.

The installation consists of two aluminum isolation booths and a cylindrical chamber connected by video and telephone cabling. Each isolation booth contains the interface to "paradise": a television and a telephone.

Telephone button presses allow users to "be Adam or Eve in paradise." This "Paradise" can only be experienced through telepresence via the robotically augented human actors (cyborgs). Through these Cyborg Surrogate Selves, participants can touch the grass, the flowers, and the flesh.

The cylindrical aluminum chamber located elsewhere in the installation contains a lush, plant-filled "paradise" and two robotically-augmented but otherwise nude people: the Cyborg Adam and Eve.

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