xscreensaver release

xscreensaver 4.06 out now (changelog.)
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  1. brad says:

    # Fixed a bug in bsod (all bsod bugs are ironic.)

    heh. :)

  2. vincel says:

    On my 200MHz O2, glblur looks beautiful when windowed, but it's a little blocky and slow when run full screen. I don't know if that's to be expected: on the one hand, by today's standards this is a slow machine, while on the other it's still by today's standards a good texturing engine.

    Oh, and when run -root, glblur occasionally spits out:

    xscreensaver: unblanked B: brk grew by 16K.

    • jwz says:

      On my Matrox G450, I get around 10 or 15 FPS from glblur (-fps -delay 0 -geom =1280x1024); for comparison, I get around 60fps from sproingies with the same options.

      Oh, and when I run it on the kiosks at the club (200MHz with SiS video carved out of main RAM) I get roughly one frame per 3.5 minutes, with the mouse frozen solid the whole time.

    • jwz says:

      And I seem to recall the Matrox being 6x or 7x faster than the O2 at GL stuff.