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Politician turns blue from drinking 'health' solution

A US politician has turned blue from drinking a silver solution he believed would protect him from disease.

Stan Jones, Montana's Libertarian candidate for Senate, started taking colloidal silver in 1999 for fear that disruptions linked to the millennium might lead to a shortage of antibiotics.

He made his own concoction by electrically charging a couple of silver wires in a glass of water.

His skin began turning blue-grey a year ago.

"People ask me if it's permanent and if I'm dead," he said. "I tell them I'm practising for Halloween."

He does not take the supplement any longer, but the skin condition, called argyria, is permanent.

The condition is generally not serious.

Colloidal silver dietary supplements are marketed widely as an anti-bacterial agent or immune-system booster, but some consider it quackery.

Mr Jones is one of three candidates seeking to unseat Democratic Senator Max Baucus in November.

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7 Responses:

  1. anthologie says:

    You know there are goths and other types out there who are going to do this so they can turn their skin blue.

    • jwz says:

      He doesn't look blue to me in the pictures -- just like he's kind of pasty, and under flourescent lights. Before and after shots would help.

      But the jokes about libertarians from Montana really just write themselves, don't they?

      • anthologie says:

        I dunno. I saw the picture before I read the headline, so I had no idea what was going and thought the picture had just been color-adjusted way over to the blue side.

        Here's a "before" picture, by the way:

  2. ivorjawa says:

    Speaking as a libertarian from Montana, I really wish that most politicians who run as libertarians would just ... stay home.

    There is a much spookier picture of a person with argyria here

    "Pinkeye, my ass. I've seen this kind of thing before, children. It's the living dead!"

    • chaobell says:


      If it wasn't, y'know, permanent and irreversible, I'd do it for a week or so just to unnerve people, but gaah. No. Ain't nothing worth turning forever gray over.

    • zapevaj says:

      Ack. That would be neat if it was more blue and less grey, but as it is, she looks zombie-fied. Shucks, I always wanted blue skin.