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Even my appliances hate me. My video projector just died. That makes two now.

It's an InFocus LP435z, which is the same model we (until recently) had at the club. 1000 lumens. I was moderately happy with it, but a few months ago, the one at the club stopped working. The fans worked, but the bulb didn't light, and neither did a brand new bulb. We took it to a shop, and they said, "power supply. $1,500." We said, "you must be joking. Hell no." They said, "ok, $150 to get your broken projector back unfixed." Nice.

So then yesterday my home projector died in exactly the same way.

So I'm thinking, "no more InFocus."

What projector should I buy?

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  1. knowbuddy says:

    I don't have anything constrictive for you other than to say that we've also had nothing but trouble with our InFocus projectors. Random video corruption, occasaion unexplained turning itself on or off, unresponsive buttons, etc. If you find something spiffy, post it here so we can share the wealth, please?

  2. phreddiva says:

    My friend Meredith, whom you may or may not know, works for a projection company called... projection systems. You should e-mail her @, or call (muahahahaha!) at (415) 309-3180 & tell her I sent you.

  3. guyver3 says:

    crap, that sucks a lot. I'm hoping I have better luck with my infocus lp720. I have 1500 more hours to go on the lamp. As for projector recommendations, I'd say Proxima or Eiki. I've used both in large scale classrooms (seating 300, etc) and they have worked quite nicely. Especially around 1000-1300 lumens.

  4. midendian says:

    We have a Toshiba projector at the office, and it works very well. It's especially bright, too. Of course, it cost about 6k$. (Ah, what it must have been like to have a company credit card in 2000.)

  5. mcgroarty says:

    InFocus are ass. These were the source of many problems at the smaller SIGGraph presentations the year before.

    I'd consider calling up one of the local convention halls to find out who manages their projection and talk to those people. They probably go through a lot more models than you or I ever will, and will likely have some useful things to say. They may even have extra units they'd be willing to lease or sell and support over time for a reasonable fee in exchange for being able to mention the club.

  6. jcurious says:

    At work we use 6 BarcoReality 6300DLC (big mounted projectors with wide angle lenses)... during the .com boom they were on 24/7... however since the bulbs only last for about 800 hours we only keep one or two on... the projectors themselves have never shown any signs of wear and tear (other then the bulbs)... I'm quite happy with them.. though I'm not sure what your budget is or even what your looking for.. so thats about all I can offer..

    though I'm very interested in a projection system for home use..

    whee.. I'll be checking back

  7. uke says:

    I have a Kodak, not as bright as 1000, can't remember the model number--but apparently manufactured by InFocus. My power supply died a few months ago but it was still under warranty, thankfully. I have heard that this sort of failure is fairly common for InFocus projectors.

  8. waider says:

    All recommendations aside (I can't offer any, since I've never played around in this particular market) the notion of paying $150 for some guy to tell you your power supply is fried seems, uh, what's that phrase, a rip-off?

    Boy, capitalism sure is fun! Gotta get me some of that action...

  9. naturalborn says:

    So, you gonna do a ceremonial retiring of the old projector on the webcam?