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First of all, go see Red Dragon. It's really, really good. It's far better than Hannibal, which I really didn't think was all that good. And, I think it might actually be better than Silence of the Lambs, though it's been a long time since I've seen that. Anyway, it's great. The villain is complex and pretty believable. There's one predictable Hollywood Cliché at the end, but it doesn't really detract. Second, check out my new screensaver. Imagine it, like, moving and stuff: glowy vapor trails and shifting transparent fields bleeding off an object bouncing around in 3D. What it does it, draw a cube and a few line segments; then render the whole scene into a texture; then repeatedly render increasingly-enlarged and increasingly-transparent versions of that texture back onto the scene itself. That produces the blur. If you don't have a good video card, it'll really hurt the machine bad: on one of my machines that is doing GL in software, it make the mouse stop moving for like 5 seconds at a time, though I get about 10FPS on a Matrox G450 at 1280x1024. (It'll be in the next xscreensaver, but turned off by default, which will be out probably some time in the next few weeks.)

I learned how to do this trick in one of the tutorials on there are a bunch of cool OpenGL tutorials there.

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8 Responses:

  1. grahams says:

    Do you think that Red Dragon was better than the previous adaptation of the book, Manhunter? This new remake just has this campy feel that has caused me to avoid it (not to mention that I really like Manhunter)...

    • jwz says:

      I never saw Manhunter. You're the first person I've heard claim it didn't suck, though.

      • grahams says:

        I saw manhunter first and read red dragon before seeing "lambs', so perhaps that's why I view the films differently.... That said, many of my friends like Manhunter.

        • grahamb says:

          I really like Michael Mann's films, so I was right at home with Manhunter. I cringed considerably when I saw the trailers for "red dragon". I think the previous portrail of Will Graham was much better. "Red dragon" just seemed like a money spinning idea because they managed to get Mr. Hopkins on board.

          I'm still interested in seeing it though.

      • confuseme says:

        I liked Manhunter. It's a little bit too much of an Eighties Movie, but there's some Shriekback on the soundtrack, so, you know, tradeoffs.

  2. exoskeleton says:

    In sequence, I saw Silence of the Lambs and enjoyed it, read the book and enjoyed it even though I'd seen the film; then read 'Red Dragon' and thought it was even better than Silence of the Lambs. Finally I saw Manhunter and thought it was _awful_. Did they just run out of money? It seemed to crash into a really poor ending, yet I see good reviews of it - what am I missing?

    • grahamb says:

      Manhunter comes from the pre-blockbuster era. Certainly over here (UK) I don't remember it being pushed very hard at all.

      People are always going to judge it on 3 things.

      1) As a film in its own right.
      2) How true it is to the book.
      3) Is Brian Cox better than A. Hopkins.
      4) How dated it looks/sounds.

      And this is all being rolled into one big "which film is better" argument which I don't think is entirely fair. I see given the news they were going to shoot "Red Dragon" everywhere had copies of "Manhunter" on the shelves like it was the new star wars or something.

  3. rose_kennedy says:

    so is that a picture of the screensaver? cuz to me it looks like time lapse photography of an erecting penis.

    screensaver as rorschach test...i like it!