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So rzr_grl hurt her Mac bad the other day: so bad that just after Happy Mac made his appearance, the screen got blasted with an honest-to-god kernel panic, almost as if it was a real computer. I said, "Sweet! Don't touch anything, I have to write this down so I can put it in the BSOD screensaver!"

I don't think she saw this as quite the opportunity that I did.

Since there wasn't any way to see her screen from somewhere I could type, I got a piece of paper, and painstakingly copied down all that crap you see above. This took a really long time, since I never write on paper, and I'm just no damned good at it any more. So I've filled up half a page with this stuff, my hand is cramping, and I say, "I can't believe the amount of time I sink into these screensavers." She says, "I've been telling you that for years."

I also made BSOD do a really convincing Linux X crash, fsck failure, and kernel panic the other day. That one's gonna scare people real nice...

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10 Responses:

  1. Sadly, it looks less like a real computer's crash in 10.2, they put up a nice civilized graphic in place of the kernel panic just dumping to screen.

  2. chaobell says:

    Got the Sad Mac yet?

  3. jcurious says:

    user question of the day:
    do you have xscreensaver working happly under osx?

  4. ronbar says:

    Whenever I did something stupid on the console of a NeXT box, it would pop up a utilitarian black-outlined window titled KERNEL PANIC which would have tons of useful information scrolling rapidly by, such as "attempting to sync disks... FAILED" and "attempting to unmount disks... FAILED". I had just a couple seconds to admire it before the machine would automagically reboot.

    It was one of the more impressive computer failure modes I witnessed in my formative college years. The Sun boxes' panics paled in comparison. I had gone from the Commodore 64 to Macs and this KERNEL PANIC thing seemed pretty cool and geeky, much better than a Poke of Death on the C64 or the Mac's various crashes (up to and including a snow crash on a toaster Mac or fooling around in MacsBug).