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Hey, look at what my bozo girlfriend rzr_grl went and did: she let her domain expire and now it's, well, go see...
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15 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:


  2. atakra says:

    So she *didn't* take those pictures?!?!

  3. coldacid says:

    Heh, so what is she going to do? Just get a new domain, or try to fight for the old one back?

  4. oh geez my poor virginal eyes!


  5. roxmasox says:

    he he...I randomly found this journal....HA HA! Thats funny....oh well, i'd claim it!

  6. kyronfive says:

    oh god... that's just too funny for words...


  8. king_mob says:

    It appears "skanksinbondage.com" was taken.

  9. crasch says:

    I don't see anything different. What's changed?

  10. jes5199 says:

    same thing happened to me once
    'course the domain i owned was
    so i guess it was to be expected.

  11. dingodonkey says:

    A friend of mine (the domain was his) and I had the same thing happen to a site we were using.

    The joys of the internet...

  12. i think the registrar is the bozo in this situation.

  13. rzr_grl says:

    And now, somehow, magically.... it's back to being my old site.
    Still registered to some nutsack in Amsterdam, tho.