MTV skank promotes child prostitution, Thailand dies of non-shock

'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera Video Thai-ed To Sex Industry

Scenes in Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" video contain images that are suggestive, sexy and downright lewd. One particular moment, however, advertises something that's simply illegal.

Two posters seen in the video feature Thai script that translates to read "Thailand's Sex Tourism" and "Young Underage Girls" -- references to Thailand's much-criticized, tourist-driven sex industry. The signs can be seen during Aguilera's boxing-ring sequence.

A spokesperson for Aguilera's U.S. label, RCA Records, said that the posters were obtained by a non-Thai-speaking member of director David LaChapelle's production company and that the singer had no idea what they promoted.

[...] The Thai government said it would take action if the video proves to be damaging to the country's reputation, according to the Associated Press, but didn't specify how or to what extent.

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