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  1. dormando says:

    A day doesn't go by without rediculing furries.

    God damn I hate them.

  2. vincel says:

    Shouldn't that be ``s/most//''?

  3. zztzed says:

    I know this is by no means exhaustive, but I really feel the need to point out a glaring omission... RMS. He's gotta be at least twice as irritating as furries.

  4. klarfax says:

    "artists" definitely need to be farther to the right

    • angel_boi says:

      very funny...and i know it wasn't exhaustive, one could go on forever.... but i really think engineers should be wedged in somewhere between marketroids and d&d nerds...really

      • jwz says:

        Get your own infographic, hippie.

          • hepkitten says:

            Furries aren't annoying, they are scary. :(

            I introduced my friend to the concept today. He said this:

            mb: thats fucking bizarre
            mb: altho
            mb: there's catwoman
            mb: and i always kind of wanted to get with rebecca from tailspin

            • icis_machine says:

              i just need to know why have furries become such a hot topic in the past 2 months.

              • beetiger says:

                Me too! I hate being trendy...

                • rowyn says:

                  Yeah, dangit. Like the time I noticed all the girls on "90210" had long straight hair, same as I did. Ack, I thought, did this mean I had to cut my hair after five years of growing out?

                  But, no, it'd be ok. The trendy folks will wearing their hair long and/or straight, and I'd be safe from looking like part of a trend again.

                  This too shall pass.

            • Actually, no. People who fixate on the absolute worst part of cultural phenomena for their own amusement, pretend there's no good side, and accuse people of being humorless for trying to point that fact out, that's scary. Furries are just weird. People who write in all lowercase, now that's annoying. But of course, we all know these things are relative... ;)

  5. netik says:

    I lost it when I saw it. nice work.

    I do think that the Gartner group should be on that line, someplace.

  6. ladysisyphus says:

    See, instead of 'furries,' I read 'Furies.' One would suppose that the Kindly Ones would, indeed, be really fucking irritating.

  7. charles says:

    The right-hand side seems to follow The Geek hierarchy.

  8. yakko says:

    Let's see here... I think I qualify as "most everybody." I also have furry interests of some sort.

    I'll have to guess that averages out, and I'm "Almost Fucking Irritating." Yay, me. :o)

  9. baconmonkey says:

    Wicked City returns again this Saturday, November 2nd, with an Animal Play theme affectionately named "We Make Great Pets". This will be a chance to look beyond our physical bodies, let loose the animal persona, and reveal the playful side of ourselves. I hope to see a lot of ponies, puppies, kitties, birds, monkeys, big bad wolves, or whatever. There will be assorted snacks for all different types of animals.

    As usual the BDSM dungeon will be open upstairs. And there will be plenty of dancing, drinking, and socializing downstairs. DJs for the night will be DJ Fuzz (Aural Integration, Temple of Atonement), DJ Slaveboy (Temple of Athena, Bound), and DJ WetDream. Further details below.

    know where to get some C4?

  10. lediva says:

    You guys want furries dead. Good for you.


    Seriously... I want to know. What is it that makes furry such a target for hate? You'd be run out of town on a rail for saying "So many women, so few bullets" or for asking "Where can I get some C4?" after a listing for a gay club.

    I'm not even going to bother arguing "If you knew us, you'd like us." I really have no interest in getting to know people who want me dead. I just want to know why.

  11. giza says:

    Odd... What furries have you been hanging out with that have pissed you off so?

    I've been in the furry fandom for about 4 years now and have met many nice people. We have our share of whackos, but so does every social group, no?