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Law School in a Nutshell, Part 1
Law School in a Nutshell, Part 2

This is pretty neat:

To understand why legalese is so incomprehensible, think about it as the programming language Legal. It may have been clean and simple once, but that was before it suffered from a thousand years of feature creep and cut-and-paste coding. Sure, Legal is filled with bizzare keywords, strange syntax, and hideous redundancy, but what large piece of software isn't? Underneath the layers of cruft, serious work is taking place.

As always, one of the secrets of being a good coder is to be able to read someone else's code and recognize which parts were copied out of the Camel Book and which parts have been carefully tweaked for this particular project. It's okay to skim legal documents the same way you'd skim a long source file; you just have to know when to switch over to careful reading. One of the major goals of this walkthrough is to give you a better sense of when to skim and when to focus.