glow-in-the-dark birthday cake!

Taiwan introduces luminescent cakes

Do you believe a birthday cake without the candles can create the same atmosphere? Biotechnology researchers in Taiwan think the luminescent cake they have developed can do so and believe that such a cake has market potential.

At a biotechnology development and planning forum held yesterday at Fu Jen Catholic University in Hsinchuang, Taipei County, a biotech company put several such birthday and wedding cakes on display, attracting overwhelming media attention and publicity.

The cakes - the first of their kind in Taiwan - have a beautiful luminescence because of their cream coating which contains a special protein acquired with the latest biotechnology from Taiwan's endemic red algae.

According to Cheng Chun-ming, a biotechnology scientist from National Taiwan University who started his own business several years ago and maker of the cakes, the phosphorescent protein extracted from the red algae helps increase a cake's attractiveness but is not a health concern to consumers as it is completely natural and edible.



3 Responses:

  1. jagger says:

    How are you supposed to blow out the frosting? No more wishes for kids on their birthday.

  2. I wonder if this protein can survive digestion.