Friendly Dictator Trading Cards

Friendly Dictator Trading Cards

In 1990, Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin, Stray Toasters, etc.) drew a set of trading cards of "35 of America's most embarrassing allies." I have a set of them around here somewhere, and was describing them to someone the other day. As it turns out, absolutely everything is on the interweb now, including them. They don't cover the most recent flock of boogeymen, but they're still pretty entertaining.

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  1. jwz says:

    Morrisa says:

    "[my ex-housemate] used to do tarot readings with my friendly dictator cards. It was a RIOT. "Ah, your center card is Hitler. You're highly artistic and creative, but you haven't yet been given the recognition you deserve. Don't worry, soon your talents will emerge, and the love that only your mother gave you will wash over you like a fountain!"

  2. jhayesboh says:

    Does anyone know how I could find a set of these cards? E-bay and have not been useful so far. I could use them in my teaching. See

    • jwz says:

      They've been out of print for years, and the publisher no longer exists, so finding a used set somewhere is probably the only way; maybe try looking at comic-book-collector sites? Maybe try getting in touch with the original author/artist directly?

      Good luck!

  3. alarens says:

    As a Spanish citizen, I have suffered the consequences of a 40-year long dictatorship. It is rather comic to see it presented in a card, simply as yet another US-backed dictator.
    I've been living in the USA for nearly 6 years now and I am still in wonder. USA citizens usually are clueless as to the actions of their own country to other countries and thus millions of people around the world (there are exceptions, of course). At every presidential election I feel insulted: main "discussed" agenda topics include irrelevancies like gay marriage or abortion, ignoring completely both the deep educational problems of the USA population and the (directly linked) insane foreign policy.
    Do any of you have any hope that the situation will eventually change? Are there any organizations working towards a properly educated USA population, and a much saner foreign policy?
    [and as far as I've seen, "democrats" (as in the other party) are not at all that different from "republicans" -what a bizarre naming of parties]