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Woman charged with felony disorderly conduct after allegedly disrobing in security screening outburst

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- A French woman faces a felony charge of disorderly conduct at an airport after she allegedly undressed to her waist in an angry outburst at security screeners.

A judge Tuesday found probable cause for the charge against Eliane Yvonne Marcele Aguillaume, 56, of Paris. She also faces misdemeanor charges of resisting law enforcement and public indecency.

Aguillaume burst into tears when the judge explained the possible penalties. She declined to comment to reporters after the hearing.

The felony disorderly conduct charge was made possible in a state law passed after the 2001 terrorist attacks. The law, which took effect July 1, set a sentence range of six months to three years.

Prosecutors would consider whether the incident rose to the level of a felony, Deputy Prosecutor Dawnya Taylor said.

Authorities say Aguillaume kept reaching inside her sweater, forcing guards to re-search her, during a routine screening Monday at Evansville Regional Airport.

After a screener attempted to use a metal-detecting wand, Aguillaume became upset and allegedly removed her sweater, shirt and bra.

Police said Aguillaume tried to pull away as an officer attempted to handcuff her. She later dropped to the ground and refused to get up.

Aguillaume was released from jail on $5,300 bond. She was scheduled to be formally charged Friday.

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One Response:

  1. None of the versions of this story I've seen mention whether this woman understands much English. Did she understand what the security personnel were saying to her? A metal detector wand can look pretty threatening.

    Canada issued a travel advisory to its citizens stating that Canadians of Middle Eastern or visually similar ethnic backgrounds might wish to avoid travel to the US. Not surprisng after we detained one...

    And now, plummeting foreign tourism rates slump the US economy further back into recession.