Escher Lego!

Shockingly good physics-violating renditions of Escher prints in lego:

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6 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

       I love it!!!

       â† Escher-fan, very.

  2. pyrop says:

    "Ascending and Descending" hurts my braaaain.

  3. nrr says:

    Is it just me, or do I sense that someone's written an Xscreensaver screensaver where a ball bounces on the ascending/descending staircase? Ahh... yes! The 'Stairs' screensaver!


  4. how cool is that?

    tho, my lil 6 year old seems to think she does much better with the legos.

    yeah..... sure.


  5. the way ascending and descending was done was truly clever - to figure it out, i resorted to looking at the escher prints to see if the intersections were all really the same - and by and large, they are.

  6. electricdog says:

    d10+4 SAN loss, definitely.

    Oh, wait. Someone did Cthulhu lego already.