Canada Makes Formal UN Apology for Lexx

Canada Makes Formal UN Apology for Lexx

In an emotional address to the entire country, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien formally took responsibility for the terrible SF television coming from his country. "We're sorry for War of the Worlds. We're sorry for Friday the 13th. We're sorry for Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. We're even sorry for The Starlost, even though it would have been great if the production crew had left Harlan Ellison alone. But most of all, we are very, very, VERY sorry for Lexx, and we are taking steps to make sure that geek porn like this never happens again."

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7 Responses:

  1. andrewducker says:

    Hey! Lexx Roxx!

  2. coldacid says:

    We all know how much Jean likes watching Lexx, he's only apologising to satiate the wills of the Canadian right wing parties and for his own legacy.

    I could see him apologising for Andromeda, though... :P

  3. chaobell says:

    Well, Canada also gave us Rush and Cheech y Chong, so I forgive them for Lexx.

    And I liked War of the Worlds, damn your eyes. Well, until they killed Ironhorse off and gave us Adrian Paul and dumb aliens.

  4. kalischild says:

    Indigo's Law #1837

    Noone should be allowed to regulate, limit, modify, or attempt to "improve" on, anything involving Harlan Ellison. Ever.


  5. The release of Battletruck (released in the US as Warlords of the 21st Century and everywhere else under the original working title, Mildly Irate Ian) started a lightning war between the two countries, going nuclear in a matter of days. To this day, vast portions of New Zealand have no human life other than a few sheepherders, and the final days of the war were so terrible that the entire nation suffers from a nearly universal memory block. Indeed, only one out of every million New Zealanders even remembers hearing about the Mad Max War, much less fighting in it.

    American nuclear-powered warships aside, this is the true reason for New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy of the mid-'80s. Never again - even if one in every million only amounts to 3.7 people. The West Coast still has people being born with extra toes and other strange birth defects - then again, that could just be in-breeding and the introduction of too much mutant sheep DNA into the genepool over there.