Bush Down wit OPP

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President George W. Bush ax leaders of local gangs to "step tha fuck off" during a player's ball at the White House October 3, 2002. Bush sought to ice hatas tryin' ta fade him in the 'hood and said once again that he would throw down with any trippin' bitches if dey step up wit dey punk-asses and di'nt WrReKoNiZe. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)


2 Responses:

  1. likevoltron says:


    oh my fucking god thats great.

  2. cabanakiwi says:

    I just came upon this randomly and I must say, dat shiot is TIE-EAT, kid! ;-)

    By the way, what the hell does O.P.P. stand for anyways? I was always too scared to ask the kids on the yellow cheese wagon.