airplanes have concentrated acid for blood

What happens when you dump two pounds of dry ice into an airplane chemical toilet?

Within seconds a wide blue river begins to flow out of the lav and across the floor, where a series of tracks, panels, and gullies promptly splits it into several smaller rivers, each leading away to a different nether region beneath the main deck of the DC-8. The liquid moves rapidly along these paths, spilling off into the corners and crevasses. It's your worst bathroom nightmare at home or in a hotel -- clogging up the shitter at midnight and watching it overflow. Except this time it's a Technicolor eruption of flesh-eating poison, dribbling between the floor seams of an airplane at 33,000 feet, down into the entrails of the beast to freeze itself around cables or short out bundles of vital wiring.

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3 Responses:

  1. deadprogrammer says:

    >airplanes have concentrated acid for blood
    And what did you expect? Flourinert?

  2. kalischild says:

    Reason #112 that the only reason I still check up on my LJ are your entries. I feel vaguely guilty; My LJ posts aren't nearly as much fun, but I'm simply too busy HAVING absurd adventures to post them. But, in a nutshell: Jamie, thanks for tracking down the surreal for the rest of us.