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Even my appliances hate me. My video projector just died. That makes two now.

It's an InFocus LP435z, which is the same model we (until recently) had at the club. 1000 lumens. I was moderately happy with it, but a few months ago, the one at the club stopped working. The fans worked, but the bulb didn't light, and neither did a brand new bulb. We took it to a shop, and they said, "power supply. $1,500." We said, "you must be joking. Hell no." They said, "ok, $150 to get your broken projector back unfixed." Nice.

So then yesterday my home projector died in exactly the same way.

So I'm thinking, "no more InFocus."

What projector should I buy?

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Evil Clown Generator

You can't look at this and say Flash is totally without merit...
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