DNA Lounge: Wherein the disasterous computer saga continues.

Making fun of some hair-splitting from one of the promoters, tonight the staff has been joking over the radios, "Hey, is the house music getting deeper? Over."

But I think really it's just that the people are getting shallower.

So, computer hell continues: the ever-generous Mal has been spending days here sweating out half his weight in fluids while tinkering with my firewall, and has determined that what's going on is that the state table in the firewall keeps filling up, causing no end of trouble. And since I'm running OpenBSD 2.8 with ipf, there's no way to increase the size of that table without rebuilding the kernel. (Ease of configurability being a sign of weakness to these people.) And rebuilding/upgrading the kernel is a sketchy proposition since that release of the OS has been disavowed for quite some time. Those of you who have been following along for a while may recall that the thing that made me switch from Linux to OpenBSD for the firewall in the first place was the pathetic state of affairs in the Linux world with respect to networking: basically, the motto of that group seemed to be, "your security is our learning experience!" Every release of Linux came with a rewritten-from-scratch firewall system, with incompatible config files: so every time you upgraded, you got to rewrite your rules. YAY. So I switched to OpenBSD, because they weren't playing those games, and generally seemed to take the whole thing more seriously.

So what happens? Six months after I start using OpenBSD (the OS whose motto is now " 0  days without an on-site injury") , some ego battle or other caused Theo to switch to a new, incompatible firewall package. YAY.

So maybe next I'll switch to FreeBSD or something, since apparently they still use ipf. (Hey, so does MacOS X...)

Oh, but it gets better.

The other end of the club's T1 circuit is in above.net in San Jose, and I just found out that above.net is closing the facility we're in at the end of the month. So, if I don't find a way to get a new T1 by November 1st, we're totally offline. Dead in the water. My understanding is that it's impossible to get a T1 that quickly, and so, we're totally fucked. It's made even worse by the fact that we have our current T1 with XO, who went bankrupt several months ago, which means there are probably like five people total still working there. This is a state of affairs that tends to not make a company be terribly responsive.

It may be -- and this is truly frightening -- that our best hope may be to find a way to get a line-of-sight wireless link to our ISP's colo facility downtown. And since there probably tall buildings in the way, we'd end up bouncing off of Twin Peaks or something.

But more likely, we're just totally screwed and will be offline for a month or more. YAY.

Good lord, someone just came in wearing a giant glitter clown afro wig. I remain amazed by the depths to which this club sinks.