you people are LAME

I'm so utterly disappointed to learn that nobody -- nobody -- out of the thousands of people at Burning Money managed to fly a flaming remote control airplane into the man to ignite it on thursday or friday. That would have been great! It would have been so great, and it's so obvious, that I was basically certain it would happen, by virtue of the fact that so many people would be trying. (What are the odds there will be a 50 year old man with glitter on his dick? Certainty. What are the odds there will be a hippie on stilts? Certainty. What are the odds a flaming remote control plane will ignite the man early? Certainty.)

All y'all suck.

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9 Responses:

  1. hepkitten says:

    we actually talked about it. When we were sitting waiting for the burn. The consensus: No one had a remote control plane.

    • jwz says:

      Way to plan ahead! You suck.

      • hepkitten says:

        well the main problem we came up with was timing. There are people all around that thing until they light it off and since its packed full of explosives, you wouldnt want it to go off prematurely.

        Also incineration, how exactly to make the plane hitting it cause fire.

  2. merovingian says:

    If it's any comfort, there was a real plane crash at the Black Rock City airport...

    ...which the Spock Science Monitor (the paper I was on out there) claimed was a terrorist attack.

  3. i REALLY wanted to see that happen, too. alas. woulda been HYSTERICAL. another perfect opportunity lost. sigh.

    but when we stopped by temple of atonement to see ritter & djinn on friday, their whole camp was lined up on the esplanade, wearing military garb, waiting for gigsville to show up so they could go storm and take the man and let everyone in without having to play some dumb token-game.

    i was looking for them for the next 2 days to see how it went.

    the man was still there, though.

    • zapevaj says:

      It went well. They took the man, threw out the dumb hippies who wanted people to do the Silly Walk to get into the lighthouse, and held it until they got bored.

      Yes, there were no planes, but there was an utterly beautiful parody of a 9/11 memorial. It was a circle of American flags out on the open playa, and not until you got up close could you tell that the stars of the flags were actually corporate logos (photo courtesy of Jonathan). In the middle was a cardboard cutout of GWB and a flag with a photo of Earth from outer space on it. Spray-painted across the flag was "FOR SALE".

  4. rwx says:

    no one hit it with a plane this year, although by forgetting to cut the power to the neon during the lightning storm on friday, they came a lot closer to blowing the thing than a model plane would have done.

    we were all *certain* the man was going to blow, and had come out from under cover to see it.