why I still watch MTV

Three words: android goth chix!

They just played the video for So To Speak by Dj Acucrack, which is full of segmented-armor goth robo-babes, like in that Bjork les-bot video, but spookier.

Great song, too -- I thought it was Curve at first, because Toni Halliday does the vocals.

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3 Responses:

  1. hafnir says:

    Gosh, when did Acucrack become big?! I still remember when they opened for C-Tec! I especially remember 'cause I barely missed their set that night, then said I wouldn't miss them when they opened for Curve, then I missed that too! I was trying to make it in time, too, but something happened each time! That sucks, I love Acucrack and have never seen them (I still got the shirt, though :) )! But when did they get big enough to appear on MTV, with an expensive looking video, no less?! And are they allowed to show the sort of things that are linked in your post above on the air nowadays? I suppose so if you saw it, but I'm a bit surprised, unless it was edited from what's in the images.

  2. merovingian says:

    I think I have a new fetish now.

  3. I know this is a horribly old entry, but i was wondering where i could DL "So to Speak" from, so something so i can get it on my HD. Its sad, getting software for free is a sinch, but videos, shit.