Who said it? Ashcroft or McCarthy?


"Test your knowledge of history and the present. See if you can tell Ashcroft from McCarthy in our "who said it" test. To make it more difficult we've replaced words like "communist" and "terrorist" with "___". "

[ I got 92%, but I think that's just because McCarthy had better writers than Ashcroft does. ]


One Response:

  1. confuseme says:

    Damn. I only got two wrong, but you're right, the primary difference between the two is that McCarthy comes off sounding better spoken than seems reasonable for any modern politician.

    One of the things I noticed, watching the original 9/11 news footage, was how strongly I preferred Giuliani's reaction over Bush's. Giuliani gave a convincing, reasonably-well-worded speech from memory, whereas Bush read very simple statements directly from a prepared speech, and actually looked down at the paper in the middle of making his most central points -- he had no idea what he was going to say next! I remember feeling sort of relieved, hearing Giuliani, just based on his ability to speak in public without looking like a mindless puppet. And I can't stand Giuliani!