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Saw 24 Hour Party People; it's decent. Well, it's interesting, and it comes off as being an almost complete lie, but that's at least partly on purpose. I enjoyed the first third of the movie (pre-Hacienda) a lot, when the focus was on Joy Division and the founding of Factory Records, but the rest of the movie basically: The Happy Mondays and how they were bigger fuckups than Spinal Tap. I've always hated their music, and this movie tells me that I'd hate them personally as well, so at least there's that.

The thing that kept baffling me about the story was how they could screw up so badly and so consistently on just about every level, and still stay in business for more than a decade. I kept asking "where is the money coming from??" Apparently the answer is, New Order just kept spraying money at Tony Wilson from a firehose.

I was really, really disappointed that Cabaret Voltaire didn't make an appearance. (They played the opening night at Hacienda, to 75 people!)

There's a much more coherent summary of the Factory history here.

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  1. waider says:

    I saw the Happy Mondays live in 1991, and they were awful. Really, really, really awful. However, given all the things going on at the time - Ecstasy coming onto the scene, warehouse parties, the whole "Madchester" scene, etc. - and the potential for making gobs of money out of the hapless punters (I'm sure as a nightclub owner you know how easy this is...) it may have seemed like a smart thing to spray money at these folks in the hope that the backwash would bring back the investment plus whatever extras it picked up along the way.

    I still like "Step On", though.