the walls are alive with the sound of insects

Extreme Urban Farming: Bees Gone Wild

Cool photos of the process of vacuuming 15,000 bees out of the walls of a house and relocating their hive!

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  1. mrmustard says:

    That's a nice way to get bees... but you have to have a special vacuum. A regular vacuum is too powerful and will kill many, many bees.

  2. cyantist says:

    Wow, you just jostled loose a childhood memory that was buried deep in the archives. When I was 7 years old, I lived on the Indian reservation in Northern Arizona. All of the caucasian people lived in a "compound", which consisted of mostly teachers and doctors that they imported in from all around the world.

    We all lived *too* close to each other.

    Anyhow, my next door neighbor was the high school Biology teacher, Mr. Bailey. When Mr. Bailey wasn't teaching school, he was hanging chili peppers out to dry and tending to his bees. He had a huge RV filled with the flying critters. The windows were removed so that the bees could get in and out.

    When I walked home from school, I would have to walk as far as possible away from his house out of fear that they were going to swarm up on me and attack me. Slowly, I overcame this fear and crept closer and closer to them, until one day, I stood in a swarm of bees untouched.

    Mr Bailey noticed my affinity for bees and decided to put me to work harvesting the honey. He made me a little bee suit and I scooped out honeycombs and got to use the cool smoke tube to get all of the bees to vamoose long enough to steal it.

    This, along with also helping the other neighbor make dandelion wine, were really awesome memories. The only sucky side effect was the entire family getting the notion in their head that they could buy me a metric fuckton of bee related stuffed animals.