the horror of breeding

The Story About the Baby

I am cursed with the ability to find just about everything to be very interesting. Plus, I'm a jerk. This is a bad combination, as any of my friends who have had the concept of meconium explained to them by me can testify.

(meconium, n. the first fecal excretion of a newborn child, composed chiefly of bile, mucus, and epithelial cells. - Random House Webster's College Dictionary)

[...] We plan to have a lovely baby album, suitable for presentation to relatives, friends, and whatnot. I also plan to have a second baby album, a secret, special baby album, henceforth known as Baby Album B. This will be a horror show, kept for my own private amusement, and only revealed as a surprise on a later date if Cordelia ever brings home a boyfriend I REALLY hate.

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6 Responses:

  1. i just sent that link to my sis... she just had one her own little feces shooter. i, of course, have been there.. and let me tell you. they weren't joking about the shit that flies.... projectile even.


  2. waider says:

    I'd been following this on talk.bizarre (yes, I still read in the sewer that is Usenet) as Jeff posted it, and found that while it's entertaining, it loses something after about 15 episodes.

    Sort of like the Bastard Operator from Hell series, which I also first found on talk.bizarre. Odd, that.

    • jwz says:

      it loses something after about 15 episodes.

      That's always been my assumption about breeding, as well.

  3. king_mob says:

    I thought it was funny at first, but I gave up on it once I figured out that the guy is one of those smug, useless pricks with which the software industry is so thoroughly infested.

  4. AUUGH!
    well now, if breeding had EVER been in my future (and it sure as fuck wasn't), it certainly isn't now!

  5. lythande says:

    *grins* You bad, Daddy...

    *runs off to get second album*