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Mozilla added this cool feature in 1.1b (it's not in 1.0): turn on View / Show Hide / Site Navigation Bar / As Needed and go to most of the DNA pages, like anything in the galleries, and there's an extra toolbar on the window with navigation arrows on it. It's pretty neat, you just put something like <LINK REL="prev" HREF="..."> in your page, and it attaches the URL to that button. I hope more sites start doing this, because it's nice to have all the nav controls in one place.

The thing that's missing is something analagous to <NOSCRIPT> or <NOFRAMES> so that I can make it so that the inside-the-document navigation links are suppressed when the toolbar navigation links are present. As it is, I end up with two each of the back/forward links.

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  1. jes5199 says:

    does it still work if i add it to my existing hyperlinks
    [a href=foo.html rel=next] ?
    in theory that's the same as having [link] in the [head]