kitty wants to play "eat your head"

Tiger attacks kindergartner at Scotts Valley school

Michelle R. Smith

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A tiger attacked a kindergartner at a school assembly in Scotts Valley on Friday afternoon, sending the 6-year-old boy to a hospital.

The female tiger, called Sima, was being led on a leash out of an auditorium at Baymonte Christian School by her trainer when she leaped over a row of seats and grabbed the boy's head in her jaws, said Capt. Harry Bidleman, Scotts Valley Police.

Anita Jackson, an employee of the business that owns Sima, said the incident was not an attack, but simply a case of a playful tiger.

[...] in a televised interview Friday evening in San Jose next to an open van with the tiger inside, the company's supervisor of animal care and training said Sima had not attacked the boy, but was just playing. Anita Jackson said the children had been asked to sit down as Sima left the room but several jumped up, attracting the tiger's attention.


2 Responses:

  1. lumin_esc says:

    All big cats have a sort of a genetic memory when it comes to eating things like Christians.

    The row of seats obviously struck chords of 'colosseum' and 'helpless gladiator'.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    cool, I think that tiger was meant for me.
    glad it got the little tyke instead.
    though hopefully that won't have merely whetted it's appetite.