hey kids, what day is it?

Apparently today is "Bad Facial Tattoo Day." Riding around downtown, I saw no less than four instances of this. All the guys fit the same mold, though they weren't near each other: they had that "when I was 20 I was a gutterpunk, but now I'm almost 40 so I'm just a dirtbag" look about them, and super-classy "someone scribbled all over my face with light blue magic marker" tattoos. Truly fine specimens, I must say.
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7 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    are you sure they weren't of the i went to prison variety?
    people still do the tear and star tatts when in prison to mark their time.

  2. communista says:

    I worked with a guy in Columbus (Ohio) that had glow in the dark tattoos on his face. Been googling for a picture to no avail, sorry.

  3. merovingian says:

    THe good news for them, I guess, is that the bad facial tattoos are just for the day.

  4. atakra says:

    Agreed, there has been an influx of badly tattooed face people this summer. Having known quite a few crusty kids in my time I've always thought it was super silly, but I ALSO THINK FACIAL PEIRCINGS ARE SUPER SILLY TOO.
    With that said, I'm always wondering why the intelligent people with face tattoos are from the East Coast, you know the kind, the silly happy face tattooed people who jump on the stage during that once-a-week Ricki Lake show dedicated to the *fascinating* world of alternative culture. Of course those type of people also have money... and jobs at the circus or traveling carnival.

    Here on the west coast, the majority of the face tatoo people are just sad junkies, and definately not very smart in any sense of the word. But at least they always have some adoring teenage runaway girl traveling with them, probably so that someone can feed the usual dog that they use to get sympathy change on the corner of Haight and Ashbury

  5. waider says:

    Apparently it was "National Flirting Day" here. A Tic-Tacs promotion of some sort, I believe. (Caution, needless Flash animation)