Farscape frelling cancelled!

That would mean, yes, losing 50% of the decent science fiction on TV.

slashdot.org , www.aintitcoolnews.com

Online petition: www.ipetitions.com

Or, more effectively,

Sci-Fi Programing: 212-413-5821 or comments at 212-413-5577

    USA Networks
    The Sci Fi Channel
    Audience Services
    1230 Avenue of Americas
    NY, NY 10020-1513

"Time is of the essence, as the network wants to dismantle sets at the end of next week."


3 Responses:

  1. knowbuddy says:

    Hasn't Farscape been SciFi's flagship show for the past 4 seasons or so? What kind of sense does it make to cancel it? First Invisible Man and now this. sigh. I like Sratgate SG-1 and Dead Zone, sure, but they've now taken away both of my sources of quirky humor! Like a son and his father, SciFi is slowly morphing into USA. Blah. I can see it now: Wings will be classified as sci-fi and begin airing on SciFi this fall.

  2. jcurious says:

    alright.. I'll bite... what is the other 50%?