dot com card game

Burn Rate

"With a simple, fun, and uncannily realistic game system, you and your friends will struggle to keep a dot-com startup afloat as the bad business pours in and the money runs out. Be the last one in business, and you'll win the dubious honor of `Best CEO'."

[...] "You won't be getting any revenue. As a dot-com, the only way to get more money is to use your Finance Cards to raise Funding when your cash runs short."

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2 Responses:

  1. goldenmean says:

    I think I might need to break down and get that. I saw it at Kublacon back in May or so, but most games whose main selling points are an amusing schtick end up being horribly devoid of strategy or amusement value once you've seen all of the cards, and gotten sick of all of the jokes (Chez Geek for example has all the strategy of Go Fish). People keep telling me it's good though.

  2. coldacid says:

    Heh, step aside Magic, collectable card gaming has a new hero... :P

    I could see them doing that too... More bad ideas, VPs, etc., and you'll have groups of disgruntled IT pros beating each other up in school playgrounds over the game.