the word I hate today is...


How did this asinine obfuscated word get into the vernacular? What was wrong with "X by Y"? I'm sorry, I'm one of those poor, pathetic people who is not good at doing fucking square roots in his head.

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get one for daddy

Bush calls Saddam 'the guy who tried to kill my dad'

[...] Houston is the adopted hometown of the president's father, former President Bush, and in discussing the threat posed by Saddam, the current president offered his staple list of complaints about Iraq's defiance of the United Nations and his contention that Iraq is working aggressively on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs. "This is a man who continually lies," Bush said.

He said the Iraqi leader's "hatred" was largely directed at the United States and added: "After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad."

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World Gravity Model

World Gravity Model

Due to an uneven distribution of mass inside the Earth, the Earth's gravity field is not uniform - that is, it has "lumps". By far the largest is a flattening at the poles, called the Earth's oblateness, but in this model we've greatly exaggerated the scale so that many smaller features can be seen. The GRACE Mission will map out the precise location and size of these lumps, enabling greater understanding of the structure of the Earth. Additionally, GRACE will monitor the mass and location of water as it moves around on the surface of the Earth, cycling between the land, oceans, and polar ice caps.


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sir, put down the little person and step away

U.N. backs 'dwarf-tossing' ban

GENEVA, Switzerland -- A French ban on the controversial practice of "dwarf-tossing" has been upheld by the U.N. Human Rights Committee.

Manuel Wackenheim began his fight in 1995 after the French ban meant he could no longer earn a living being thrown around discotheques and nightclubs by burly men.

But on Friday, Wackenheim -- who measures 1.14 metres (3 feet 10 inches) -- lost his case when the U.N. human rights body ruled the need to protect human dignity was paramount.

In a statement, the U.N. Human Rights Committee said it was satisfied "the ban on dwarf-tossing was not abusive but necessary in order to protect public order, including considerations of human dignity."

The committee also said the ban "did not amount to prohibited discrimination."

The pastime, imported from the United States and Australia in the 1980s, consists of people throwing tiny stuntmen as far as possible, usually in a bar or discotheque.


Texas Blues Brothers Sue DC Comics for Worm-like Portrayal

By Stephanie Francis Cahill

Johnny and Edgar Winter, the guitar-playing brothers known for their Texas blues music, aren't laughing at their portrayal as cannibalistic, half-worm characters that live underground.

The siblings allege that the "Autumn Brothers," villains depicted in DC Comics' "Jonah Hex" series, are based on their image, and they filed defamation and misappropriation of likeness claims against the company. The Autumn Brothers are named Johnny and Edgar and, like the Winters, they have albinism (a lack of pigment that has left them pale and white-haired). The characters, featured in a series that parodies Wild West story lines, wear clothing associated with the Winters, such as stovepipe hats decorated with feathers.

The Autumn Brothers have some unique traits, though. They are the spawn of a human and a worm. They rule the earth after dark and have sexual intercourse with dead animals.

[...] "Clearly, they are being transformed into worms. The real question is, is that transformative use in a legal sense, such that the First Amendment requires that we let this happen?"

More at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund site:

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nurse! pull my finger!

Patient having op on backside breaks wind, causing fire

A Danish man having surgery on his backside broke wind and set his genitals alight.

A surgeon was removing a mole on his backside with an electric knife when the man broke wind, lighting a spark.

His genitals had been washed with surgical spirits and caught fire.

He's suing the hospital for pain and suffering and loss of income.

He says he had to take extra time off work and can't have sex with his wife. The hospital says it was an unfortunate accident.

"When I woke up, my penis and scrotum were burning like hell," the man told Danish Newspaper BT.

Surgeon Dr Jorn Kristensen said: "No-one considered the possibility the man would break wind during the operation, let alone that it would catch fire. It was an unfortunate accident."

The 30-year-old patient said: "I've had to be booked off work for longer than expected and, besides the pain, I can't have sex with my wife."

The operation which was being carried out at the Kjellerups hospital, was aborted immediately after the accident.

Reports say it's unlikely the doctor will face disciplinary action.