the horror of breeding

The Story About the Baby

I am cursed with the ability to find just about everything to be very interesting. Plus, I'm a jerk. This is a bad combination, as any of my friends who have had the concept of meconium explained to them by me can testify.

(meconium, n. the first fecal excretion of a newborn child, composed chiefly of bile, mucus, and epithelial cells. - Random House Webster's College Dictionary)

[...] We plan to have a lovely baby album, suitable for presentation to relatives, friends, and whatnot. I also plan to have a second baby album, a secret, special baby album, henceforth known as Baby Album B. This will be a horror show, kept for my own private amusement, and only revealed as a surprise on a later date if Cordelia ever brings home a boyfriend I REALLY hate.

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