I just don't know what to do. There's this store in town that has a pair of old science-museum "visible people" mannequins: a life-sized man and woman with transparent skin and a full complement of internal organs, skeleton, veins, and nerves. And yes, they light up from the inside, too. They are. So. Fucking. Cool. I want them bad. I want them in my house, or in my club. But they're asking more than $5k for the pair. And I have a really hard time justifying that to myself. That's so much money to spend on something just to have the savages we call "customers" try and come up with creative ways to destroy them. We'd have to build a solid display case, which would itself get regularly mangled.

But it's not like I'll ever find anything like this for sale again: I can't even find pictures of them on the web. The picture to the right is what they look like, but that's of a pair of 16" model kits, like ones I had when I was little. These are life-sized!

Someone buy them for me, ok?

By the way, if you ever wanted to find some of those wacky high school science class learning aids, like giant disassembleable eyeballs, ear canals, and braaaaaaains, The Anatomical Chart Company is the place to go. The Neuroanatomy Head Model is pretty sweet (it should be at $1,100!) but you can always settle for the Budget Transparent Skull at $35. And of course they would be fools not to have a Halloween Crypt, wouldn't they?

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7 Responses:

  1. nuttystar says:

    They do look pretty cool even in the picture!! Especially if they light up too! I say go for it but make sure they are covered by ya insurance or don't put them in your club!!

  2. cyantist says:

    I spent many hours looking the other night and couldn't find any myself. However, I did ask a friend and he said he had one in his highschool science class, so that might mean they actually did have a name at one point other than "anatomical transparent model".

    Also, I wanted to note that anatomical models on ebay, as well as CPR babies (shudder), are readily available and _very_ inexpensive!

    Anyhow, I'm going to be the little devil on your shoulder saying, "do it, do it, do it". Perhaps you could throw a special party at the club as a benefit for them? :-)

  3. icis_machine says:

    you can only justify $5k for a man or woman if they have 3 orafices of pleasure and you can specify the color of their veins and spleen.

  4. msjen says:

    real dead people are cheaper.