tomorrow I will dress for success

Dress code violators get special T-shirts at South Carolina high school

EASLEY, S.C. (AP) -- Students who violate the dress code at Easley High School are given something new to wear: T-shirts with the words "Tomorrow I will dress for success."

The other side of the shirt reads, "Today I did not meet the SDPC dress code policy for proper attire," with the letters standing for the Pickens County school district.

Easley High Principal Betty Garrison said the shirt saves time. Students who broke the code in recent years could wait up to an hour for parents to bring a change of clothes, she said.

Students can still call home for a change of clothes if they don't want to wear the shirt, Garrison said.

"To me, it's a very positive statement. The T-shirt is dull gray. It has black lettering. We intentionally selected something that would be low key," she said.

Many dress code violations involve clothing that features profanity or items illegal for students to have, such as beer or marijuana. Another problem area is the ban on midriff-baring shirts, tank tops and those with narrow spaghetti straps.

Pickens County trustee Shirley Jones said she has gotten "an enormous amount" of phone calls from parents upset about the T-shirt policy. One parent, Randy Newman, said, "I think the T-shirt is good if they make the kids wear them who need to wear them."


9 Responses:

  1. grahams says:

    One parent, Randy Newman, said, "I Love LA"

  2. confuseme says:

    Man, why didn't my high school do that? The possibilities for mockery with the administration handing out t-shirts like that are just mind-numbing.

    And, wait a minute, who are these people who don't realize this? And how did this last long enough to make it to the news? Didn't every sensible kid in the whole school violate the dress code on the first day during which it was possible to get one of these t-shirts? Didn't they all start wearing them every Friday? Where's the aside about the new shirt the kids are wearing that says "Today I will dress to protest"? What the fuck is going on here?

  3. bdu says:

    How long before wearing said shirt is a sign of alpha male-ness, or just general "I'm cool because I buck the system"?

    Sort of similar to how prison-style dress is popular in some subcultures.

  4. atakra says:

    Oh man, I wish they'd had shirts like that when I worked at CBS.

  5. somehow i think that shirt is going to be cooler than anything the kids could come up with.

  6. jcurious says:

    I wish my school had given away free tshirts.. hmmphs

  7. deveiant says:

    I would be tempted to make some of the shirts myself with a little bar code above it, and wear one to school every day. It'd be even funnier if several kids did so.

  8. waider says:

    "Today I did not meet the SDPC dress code policy for proper attire"

    This by itself is sufficient reason for the kids to want one of these shirts, I think. It reads like one of those pieces of flong with the pseudo-inspirational slogans.

    Heck, I'd wear one myself.