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It used to be that the only recurring dreams I had were the teeth-falling-out ones (which I haven't had in a while), but I think I've had variants on the same nightmare every night for the last week. I'm in my apartment (or coming home) and there's some guy inside who shouldn't be there. In one of them he kind of reminded me of the big retarded farmer guy running through the woods in Mad Max, but in another he was a more normal looking John Wayne Gacy type. Anyway, the dream usually goes:

  • I notice weirdo has broken into my house and is lurking around and messing with my stuff;
  • I puff up and say "what the fuck are you doing here";
  • He kicks my ass.

I know that doesn't sound terribly traumatic as nightmares go, but every night? Who is this big goofy fucker and why won't he go away? (Yeah yeah, he's probably The Government.)

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  1. sarahsmiles says:

    You really have to wonder where that's coming from, right?
    Maybe it is about something that has happened, or will happen,
    but maybe it's talking about something right now.
    I don't dream... (ie remember them).
    More's the pity.

  2. ``Obviously, your brain is trying to let you know that you are a terrorist. Please report to the nearest branch of the Office for Homeland Security to report your Thought Crime immediately, so you may be treated and re-Americanized.

    Thank you for your compliance, Citizen. George Bush and the United States Government love you.
    Long time.''

  3. icis_machine says:

    dude, you should just move to urbana illinois... that shit happens all the time.

    maybe you should realize you are afraid someone is just gonna steal your bike from your house... and beat your ass. maybe it's time to learn self-defense.

  4. jon says:

    I had the "teeth falling out" dream a few times last week (first time in a long while). I've been meaning to research it's possible meanings (not like "dreamology" is all that reputable).

    This analysis seems to think it has something to do with stress and a lack of confidence.

    • icis_machine says:

      the two books i have on that dream indicate it is a fear of getting old and hence obsolete. similar i guess.

      • susano_otter says:

        One theorizes about the possible relevance of "fears of obsolescence" to the dreamer's lifestyle and career choices.

      • jwz says:

        See, and here I thought it was about dentists.

        My theory is backed up by the fact that they stopped about the time I had my wisdom teeth out. Sort of an "if you eat a live toad first thing in the morning, nothing worse will happen for the rest of the day" situation. My subconscious threw down it's cards and said, "shit, I can't top that."

        • beware of ANY dream analysis system that states, "X means Y"--those dream dictionaries piss me off something fierce.

          although some believe in universal meanings of SOME images (think jungian archetypes), symbolism is a HIGHLY personal and individual thing. although there's tons of overlap within a culture, everyone seems to have their own lexicon of images and signifiers. i.e.: a dog might mean something very threatening to you if that had been your life experience, or something representing companionship and reliability. who can say!

          some dreams have deep personal and archetypal meaning (or so it seems); others seem to be just brain static and day residue.

          that teeth thing for ME is just dental anxiety. i FUCKING HATE the dentist. usually corresponds to something happening IRL, like you said.

          that aside, some jungian and other depth psychotherapies analyze the dream in such a way that the characters within it are all aspects of the self interacting; houses or buildings are structures or levels of the self, etc. sometimes interesting to look at it in that way.

          but i don't like subscribing to one method of analysis. what works for a person is what makes *sense*.

          • jwz says:

            Yeah, dream analysis has a special place in my mental-file-cabinet-o'-contempt -- I file it right next to astrology and aromatherapy.

            • yeah, that's what i'd thought you'd say.

              certainly not an exact science, not should it even puport to be.
              it's good at what it's meant for: helping people make meaning out of their psychic experiences, which some people crave.

              (note: i just realized that i use "psychic" in a different way--i do NOT mean the new-age/esp connotation of the word.)

              i love dreams, though. i could use some more sex dreams, but i'm not complaining. they can always be worse.

        • lilmissnever says:

          When I told John about the Teeth Falling Out Nightmare, he immediately jumped up and down and insisted that I read Dead Babies by Martin Amis. One of the main characters has that nightmare, and when his friends try to tell him it's anxiety, or that he's afraid of failure, he just shrugs and says "I think it means that I'm afraid of having my teeth fall out."

          Or something like that.

          This isi usually followed by the Contact Wearer's Nightmare, in which one's contacts become the size of one's head, but you still have to manage to get the thing into your eye somehow.

  5. baconmonkey says:

    the man in your dreams is the bike and handlebar thief.

  6. over says:

    Oh somebody else who has teeth-falling-out dreams! Neat!