I'm so disappointed in Frank

I just finished the third and last issue of "Dark Knight Strikes Again", and it's like, the worst thing Frank Miller has done in fifteen years. It was so rushed, it seemed like I was reading the outline of his story instead of the story itself. And everything in it had been done before, and done better (e.g., Miracleman, Kingdom Come). What a letdown. Blah.
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red hot stinkfinger action

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga.

...and I quote:

The object of the game appears simple, you have to jam a big plastic finger up someone's rear end. Why? I have no idea.

Built into the cabinet is a bent over backside, and on the screen in front of you appears the expression of the person as you shove the finger inside. The harder you shove the finger inside, the more points you score.

From the brochure:

"This is a fun game of spanking the people that make your life miserable. When you spank the character that you choose to punish, the face expression of the character will change as they scream and twitch in pain. The funny face expressions will make people laugh and relieve stress."

Riiiight. Well in any case it has made me laugh. Although I don't understand why they call it "spanking", since you're actually shoving a finger in someones butthole.

"Characters include: Ex Girlfriend, Ex Boyfriend, Gangster, Mother-In-Law, Gold Digger, Prostitute, Child Molester, Con Artist."

Compare and contrast to Slap the Raver (requires flash)

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cool interview with Robert Rodriguez

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I hate you, Dan Savage

Fur Suit Sex

"You've found it, the only hardcore male animal fur suit sex web site. This is the stuff you have heard of, but never been able to get your hands on."

Via www.theavclub.com where Mr. Savage says,

"There's something about the combination of big-eyed, human-sized mascots/plushies with decidedly unfurry pink human dicks sticking out of their crotches that... well... I don't mean to judge or anything... and I don't want to cast furries in a bad light or anything... but, Christ Almighty, I've had some trouble sleeping at night. Fair warning: Anyone going to Disney World in the near future shouldn't go to fursuitsex.com until well after their vacation."
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tomorrow I will dress for success

Dress code violators get special T-shirts at South Carolina high school

EASLEY, S.C. (AP) -- Students who violate the dress code at Easley High School are given something new to wear: T-shirts with the words "Tomorrow I will dress for success."

The other side of the shirt reads, "Today I did not meet the SDPC dress code policy for proper attire," with the letters standing for the Pickens County school district.

Easley High Principal Betty Garrison said the shirt saves time. Students who broke the code in recent years could wait up to an hour for parents to bring a change of clothes, she said.

Students can still call home for a change of clothes if they don't want to wear the shirt, Garrison said.

"To me, it's a very positive statement. The T-shirt is dull gray. It has black lettering. We intentionally selected something that would be low key," she said.

Many dress code violations involve clothing that features profanity or items illegal for students to have, such as beer or marijuana. Another problem area is the ban on midriff-baring shirts, tank tops and those with narrow spaghetti straps.

Pickens County trustee Shirley Jones said she has gotten "an enormous amount" of phone calls from parents upset about the T-shirt policy. One parent, Randy Newman, said, "I think the T-shirt is good if they make the kids wear them who need to wear them."


War On Terror Trading Cards

if you don't collect them all, the terrorists have already won!


dnalounge update

New DNA update including Celebrity Boxing photos. That was a very cool night!
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get thee behind me, part 2

ACLU Sues Over Evolution Disclaimers in Textbooks

MARIETTA, Ga. -- The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to force the Cobb County school board to remove disclaimers on evolution from thousands of middle and high school textbooks.

The suit was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, just one day before the board was to discuss whether teachers should be allowed to teach faith-based ideas along with evolution as explanation for the variety of life.

The stickers, placed in new science books this month after requests from parents opposed to evolution on religious grounds, say evolution is a theory, not fact, and should be critically considered.

Jeffrey Selman, the father of an elementary school pupil, initiated the lawsuit. He said placing advisories in science texts is an attempt to inject religion into public schools.

"It singles out evolution from all the scientific theories out there," Selman said. "Why single out evolution? It has to be coming from a religious basis, and that violates the separation of church and state." [...]

"What it does is promote the establishment of creationism in public schools," Manely said. "Why are they singling out evolution? Because from a creationist's standpoint, they don't have a problem with the theory of gravity."

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Some parents in the county feel differently.

Acworth resident Bruce Horacek, whose children graduated from Cobb schools, said students are not being told of the faults in evolution. "You cannot prove or disprove that evolution or inert materials created the diversity we have," he said. "Evolution and creationism are both philosophies."

The issue appeared before the school board in March, when several dozen parents asked that alternatives be taught. They presented a petition signed by 2,000 county residents, demanding accuracy in textbooks.

The board adopted the labels, which say: "This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered."

School board chairman Curt Johnston said the concerns of the community need to be considered in Thursday's meeting.

"The whole purpose of this discussion is to try to clarify what can be taught and what should be taught," Johnston said.

Similar debates have occurred elsewhere.

Ohio is considering state science requirements that would allow teaching of alternatives, including intelligent design. Kansas adopted standards that struck references to evolution, then reversed that stance after a new state board was elected in response.

In Georgia, Clayton County put evolution disclaimers in its science books in 1996, but has since removed them. Alabama put stickers on all biology books about the same time.

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get thee behind me!

School drops 'Satans' as team nickname

DEVILS LAKE, North Dakota (AP) -- Satan has been banished from Devils Lake.

High school teams here no longer will be known as the Satans, the school's nickname for nearly 80 years.

The school board unanimously voted Monday night to immediately drop the nickname and mascot and start the process of finding a new name to represent its athletic teams.

The 5-0 vote brought applause, hugs and a few tears of joy from an audience that favored change.

"It's hard to stand up and cheer for the Satans," said Kellie Karlstad, a parent of three and the junior varsity girls basketball coach. "It's not an appropriate name for children."

Supporters of the change said the Satans nickname had brought division and a negative image.

"As far as finding one positive for keeping the nickname, I can't," board member Julie Schemionek said. "I believe in tradition. But sometimes, traditions need to be changed."

School Board Chairman Kevin Regan, a Devils Lake alumnus and athlete, said he had not been bothered by the nickname.

"I always thought it was a natural fit that the mascot for Devils Lake would be Satans," he said.

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new dnalounge update

New DNA Update, including photos of the Nina Hagen and Impotent Sea Snakes shows.