I hate you, Dan Savage

Fur Suit Sex

"You've found it, the only hardcore male animal fur suit sex web site. This is the stuff you have heard of, but never been able to get your hands on."

Via www.theavclub.com where Mr. Savage says,

"There's something about the combination of big-eyed, human-sized mascots/plushies with decidedly unfurry pink human dicks sticking out of their crotches that... well... I don't mean to judge or anything... and I don't want to cast furries in a bad light or anything... but, Christ Almighty, I've had some trouble sleeping at night. Fair warning: Anyone going to Disney World in the near future shouldn't go to fursuitsex.com until well after their vacation."
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3 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

       Hahahah :D  Honestly, even as a fan of anthropomorphic art, both innocent and sexual art, I say I'm not fond of seeing a morph or - even worse - a non-morph having a perfectly human-looking, blindingly PINK cock stick out of him.

  2. lumin_esc says:

    On behalf of all the furries who don't post naked pictures of themselves, I sincerely apologize. Oof.