hate hate hate


So I bought a new CF card. It behaves differently badly.

The camera is happy with either card, of course, but after I rebooted (I think I confused matters with modprobe, so it seemed prudent) trying to mount either card takes more than a minute before mount times out and gives me an error message. And it's not interruptible while it's blocked, either. Same syslog as before.

But here's the weird part:

Before rebooting:

  • put old CF card (128M) in the port:
    green light comes on for half a second;
    blinks 3x/second for ~6 seconds;
    goes dark.

After rebooting:

  • put old CF card (128M) in the port:
    green light comes on for half a second;
    goes dark.
  • put new CF card (256M) in the port:
    no light comes on at all.

Have I mentioned that I hate computers?


7 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    you became a hacker by necessity, didn't you?

    • jwz says:

      I hate dealing with hardware. Hate. Hate.

      • grahams says:

        When I was in high school, I used to love dealing with hardware, But somewhere along the line I actually began to FEAR it... I have gotten to the point where now I avoid upgrades as long as possible, knowing full-well that when any upgrade is going to mean at least a few hours of wrangling drivers, moving PCI cards around slots, reading newsgroups/forums, and feeling my blood-pressure skyrocket.

        I still love writing software, but I am getting closer to thinking my next machine will be pre-built.

      • icis_machine says:

        i demand you denounce your hacker status and take your new title of script kiddie.

        have you tried searching around for known bugs on your camera? just jack up drink prices by fifty cents for a bit and get a new camera or something.

        [remind me never to run a non tech business. i'd just nickel and dime people to death so i can buy under roos or something]

        • jwz says:

          Software is easy. Push it until it breaks. Fix. Push again. With hardware: push it until it breaks. Oh right. Now it's broken. Buy another.

          Besides, haven't you read my bio? "I used to be a hacker, now I sell beer."

          I'm inclined to blame all this lossage on Linux's USB drivers, since everything worked fine for almost two years and only started going crazy recently. And the camera itself shows no signs of misbehavior: it takes, and shows me, the pictures just fine.

          • brad says:

            Recent Linux kernels have had lots of USB stuff change ... my USB mouse didn't work at one one -pre version. The next one, it was working again.

            You're not crazy. Linux actually does suck.

        • atakra says:

          Jack up the drink prices?!?!

          Actually I thought the many many drinks I got on Sunday were fairly priced.

          I suggest getting a new camera. Luckily I go through a couple digital cameras a year due to heavy usage (and filming in entirely non-camera-friendly places).
          I've never had any problem with the memory cards, however my recent purchase of a 256MB CompactFlash card makes my MP3 walkman do weird things like try to not accept the card as valid. I have to do this whole routine where I pop out the batteries, pop them back in, turn on the player to am/fm radio, turn it off, and then turn it back on before it accepts the card as valid.
          Lets hear it for the concept of a "workaround"