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School drops 'Satans' as team nickname

DEVILS LAKE, North Dakota (AP) -- Satan has been banished from Devils Lake.

High school teams here no longer will be known as the Satans, the school's nickname for nearly 80 years.

The school board unanimously voted Monday night to immediately drop the nickname and mascot and start the process of finding a new name to represent its athletic teams.

The 5-0 vote brought applause, hugs and a few tears of joy from an audience that favored change.

"It's hard to stand up and cheer for the Satans," said Kellie Karlstad, a parent of three and the junior varsity girls basketball coach. "It's not an appropriate name for children."

Supporters of the change said the Satans nickname had brought division and a negative image.

"As far as finding one positive for keeping the nickname, I can't," board member Julie Schemionek said. "I believe in tradition. But sometimes, traditions need to be changed."

School Board Chairman Kevin Regan, a Devils Lake alumnus and athlete, said he had not been bothered by the nickname.

"I always thought it was a natural fit that the mascot for Devils Lake would be Satans," he said.

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3 Responses:

  1. atakra says:

    So it's happened AGAIN?
    This is the 7th school in the US to enact this policy. I was a student at the first, Santa Fe High School. Yes, our mascot was "Hot Stuff", although later on it mutated into a much more mean version of the dark lord (to my utter glee). Now I must find my old yerbooks to prove it!
    So the local populous decided to protest. Now a protest in Santa Fe isn't like a protest in San Francisco.

    In San Francisco, people hang out in a park and *supposedly* donate money.
    In Santa Fe, the Christian right burns down the building that hosts the offending business and lobbies en-masse to the politicians.

    I think I prefer San Francisco's version of protest

  2. lythande says:

    What do you want to bet they lobby to change the name of the town next?


  3. sarahsmiles says:

    Yes, Satan in diapers is too cool for America.
    Drain the lake. Pave it. And put up a strip mall.
    And watch the mass killings begin!